Welcome to Eagle Eye Farm

Home to our magestic alpacas and other animals.

Home to Award Winning Alpacas

Welcome to Eagle Eye Farm!
Eagle Eye Farm is located in River Falls, Wisconsin. We specialize in superior quality Huacaya alpacas. We focus on quality over quantity.

Our farm was named Eagle Eye Farm due to its appearance on Google maps. There is a small pond at the back of the property that looks just like an eagle’s eye. In addition, our land is frequently visited by bald eagles in the fall and winter months. With 20 gorgeous acres, we often feel as though we are living in a resort with the rolling hills, an assortment of tree species, and beautiful views with breath-taking sunsets. The perfect enhancement for our idyllic setting is our alpacas.

In addition to our alpacas, we also have chickens of various breeds, Kune Kune pigs, and an eclectic group of dogs. We welcome you to come visit our respite, learn more about the alpacas and other animals, and visit our farm store.

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Join us and our majestic Alpacas and other animals. Explore our beautiful farm and learn how we train and maintain the award-winning alpacas.

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You’re Invited to Eagle Eye Farm!

The farm is owned by Dawn and Kerri.  Combined we have over 40 years of animal care and training experience. We have a lifetime of love, care, compassion and devotion to the well-being, safekeeping and proper raising of animals of all species. We possess a special emphasis on the breeding and raising of animals of sound temperament and a primary focus on health and nutrition.

Our desire is to share the joy these animals bring to us with others and we would encourage anyone wanting to know more about alpacas (or our other animals) to visit our farm. Eagle Eye Farm is in River Falls, Wisconsin.

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We raise high quality show alpacas. They are judged on the way they stand, their teeth, the bony structure, and their fleece. Alpacas are part of the camelid family. They are the smaller and cuter (in our humble opinion 🙂 ) relatives to the llamas.

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Eagle Eye’s Pigs are Kune Kune pigs, which are native, heritage pigs of New Zealand. They were near extinction in the 1970’s with only an estimated 50 purebreds left, until two park owners save them from extinction. Meet the pigs of Eagle Eye Farm.

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Our chickens are very spoiled.  There is a chicken condo for those that just need a bit of break from the others.  The condo stays outside year round. Because they have such a healthy diet and live in very clean living quarters, their eggs are exceptionally tasty.

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Our Mission

To maintain quality alpaca herds with a strong focus on health, temperament, and over-all well-being so that we can provide you with superior phenotype and fleece composition.

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We’d love to show you around. Feel free to contact us for a farm tour or to hear more information about the alpacas and other farm animals we have for sale.

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