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Mathilda - "Tilly"

Tillyhead copy.jpg

DOB: 10/24/2017

Color: White & Dark Brown

ARI: 35458173

Gender: Female - Open

Breed: Huacaya

Sire: Snowmass Kahuna Sunrise

Dam: ELK Ferrari's Just for Kix

Tilly is a beautiful tri-color girl of brown, black and white. She has a stunning white strip across her forehead that leads us to call her “unibrow.” She does not have an extensive show record, but did well in her single showing.  When she first came to our farm, she was extremely timid.  In fact, she would not eat with the others, so she ended up getting her own special private dining experience.  However, she is really growing into her own as she has matured.  Tilly’s fleece has excellent fineness and handle. Tilly is a very happy alpaca and she is often bee-bopping around the paddock. Tilly's first cria is Frieda, who shares Tilly's happy and free-spirited disposition. It is fun to have three-generations on the farm. Tilly, Frieda, and Tilly's mom - Kix.

Show Wins

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Tilly - front
Tilly - profile
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