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Have you ever wanted to meet an alpaca?  Perhaps get a huge kiss from a huge llama?  Have you ever wondered just how friendly pigs truly can be?  Did you ever stop and think about what determines the color of the egg? Any interest in seeing one of the world’s cutest sheep (the Valais Blacknose Sheep) in person?  Did you ever think you would be able to get up close and personal to a miniature Highland cow?


If you answered yes to any of the above, then you will definitely want to consider a trip to Eagle Eye Farm.  Eagle Eye Farm is conveniently located off County Road F in River Falls, Wisconsin, between Hudson and Prescott.  We are only about 45 minutes from the Minneapolis airport. 


On our farm, we have alpacas, llamas, Valais Blacknose sheep, Kune Kune pigs, miniature Highland cattle, and numerous varieties of chickens.  We are offering educational farm tours by appointment only.  During these approximately one hour experiences, you will be with one of our very knowledgable staff that will tell you all about our animals and allow you to get up close and personal with many of them.  We offer feed for a small price so you can feed some of the animals as well. 


Since we want to make sure that we devote the time necessary to give you a satisfying experience, farm tours are only given to those that have appointments.  Appointments can easily be made emailing: or contacting us in the Contact section.  In order to help maintain the property and ensure proper preparation of the animals, we do charge a small $10 per person fee for each farm tour.  Children under 2 are free.

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Farm Tour Information

Farm Rules, Agritourism Law and Special Note

2014 Wisconsin Agricultural Tourism Liability Law (Act 269)

“NOTICE: A person who observes or participates in an agricultural tourism activity on this property assumes the risks inherent in the agricultural tourism activity. Risks inherent in the agricultural tourism activity may include conditions on the land, the unpredictable behavior of farm animals, the ordinary dangers associated with equipment used in farming operations, and the potential that a participant in the agricultural tourism activity may act in a negligent way that may contribute to injury or death. The agricultural tourism provider is not liable for the injury or death of a person involved in an agricultural tourism activity resulting from those inherent risks.”

A Special Note to Our Guests   

Our policy at Eagle Eye Farm is that our animals come first! Guests will have the opportunity to interact, get up close and pet various animals on the farm. We do not promote or guarantee every guest will hold/touch/interact with any particular animal.  We will do our best to provide an enriching, educational and satisfying experience for everyone that visits the farm.  However, the animals’ needs and safety will always come first.


No Smoking, Vaping, e-Cigarettes

Eagle Eye Farm is a smoke free, vapor free, and e-cigarette free environment.  Please respect this.  Please do not put cigarette butts on the ground.  Dispose of them properly.  We feed our animals hay.  Hay is highly flammable.  Please be respectful of our animals and our property.


No Carry In Food or Drinks

Our animals are on a very particular diet.  They do not eat any food except for food/grain that is made especially for them.  Please do not carry in food or drinks.  Eagle Eye Farm does not have food or beverages available.



No Pets

Eagle Eye Farm does not allow pets due to safety and health issues with our animals and our guests.  Please do not bring pets to our farm.


Service Dogs

Eagle Eye Farm does allow trained leashed and properly restrained service dogs.  Please let our staff know when you are making your farm tour appointment and then again upon entering at admissions that you have a properly restrained certified service dog.  


Animal Care

Please be kind to the animals.  Eagle Eye Farm animals love affection from our guests. Please do not hit, throw or tease the animals.  This behavior will not be tolerated and if exhibited we will have to ask you to leave the farm without reimbursement of any admission cost.  


Animal Feeding

Eagle Eye Farm has animal feed for purchase if you would like to feed the animals.  We ask that you do not feed them any outside food as it may make them sick or could even cause death.  Our animals have their own feeding program here at the farm. Please use a flat hand when feeding the animals.  Visitors can feed the alpacas, llamas, sheep and chickens.  Please do not feed the pigs and cows as they are easily confused between fingers and food.  Please be aware that all animals may bite and/or kick.


Hand Sanitation Stations

Eagle Eye Farm provides hand sanitation stations around the farm.  Please sanitize your hands before and after visiting the animals.  Proper hygiene is important as we do not want to spread germs that may harm our animals or our guests.


Landscaping & Property

We ask that you please respect Eagle Eye Farm’s property.  Please help us keep the property clean and beautiful for everyone to enjoy by placing all trash in the provided trash and recycling receptacles.  Please do not pick the flowers or walk through the landscaping around the buildings and grounds.  Please do not go into areas that are not clearly designated for visitors.  Being in or around our personal residence is strictly prohibited.


Enter At Your Own Risk

Adult supervision is required at all times.  Please play and enjoy the farm safely.  We are not responsible for any injuries under Wisconsin Act 269.

Eagle Eye Farm, specializing in Huacaya Alpacas, is located in River Falls, Wisconsin. In addition to our alpacas, we also have Valais Blacknose Sheep, very cute llamas, Kune Kune pigs, mini Highland cattle, and an eclectic group of chickens.



(314) 707-4889

N7802 County Road F

River Falls, WI 54022

Monday - Tuesday 9am - 6pm

Wednesday 11am - 8pm

Thursday - Friday 9am - 6pm

Saturday 10am - 5pm

Sunday 10:30am - 4pm

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