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EEF Verity


DOB: June 6, 2021

Color: Spotted Spitti

Reg: 1855 Hubbard Farm Fiona 002

Gender: Ewe

Breed: 87.5% Valais Blacknose, 12.5% Scottish Blackface

Sire: Passchendaele Flanders UK0715557/00140

Dam: 1855 Hubbar Farm Fiona 002 

Conception: AI

Number: Twin

87.5% Valais Blacknose/12.5% Scottish Blackface.  Verity and Perdita are inseprable.  These two love to jump for joy when they are in the pasture.  They are so much fun to be around.  They love to have human interaction and are just like little dogs.  As soon as you come around them, they want to be loved on and petted.  Their mom, Fiona, is a fabulous mom!  Hopefully, this means that they will be as well.  We hope to see their babies in 2023!


213607855_788359251852430_4952314186384864301_n (1)
258390047_866156607406027_6654587046105309523_n (2)
194882002_772738763414479_3244941838788266642_n (1)
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