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EEF Born In A Ford


DOB: 6/25/2021

Color: Dark Fawn

ARI: 36184194

Gender: Male

Breed: Huacaya

Sire: Snowmass Matrix

Dam: Irish Meadows' Dark Pearl

EEF Born In A Ford...the meaning of his name. When Pearl went into labor it was clearly different than others. She was having very forceful contractions, so was clearly in labor. However, she refused to stand up and would only lay on her side. She was clearly uncomfortable and would spit anytime anyone came close to her even though she is not a spitter. When there was clearly no progress being made (no baby coming out), we did a physical exam and found there was a uterine torsion (a twisting of the uterus kind of like the twisting of the bottom of a balloon so nothing can come out). We knew we had to get her immediate help.

We rolled her (in an effort to reverse the torsion), put her on a tarp and carried her to the back of our Ford Transit van which has been modified to transport alpacas. We then headed to the University of Minnesota Large Vet Hospital. Pearl partially rolled herself several times. About half way there, Kerri noticed the head and front legs had started to show. We pulled off to the side of the road and helped Pearl deliver her baby. We turned around and came back to the farm.

The baby is a little premature (not due until July 11). So, he was pretty weak, has a floppy ear, and didn't have a good suckle. Now, he is stading, getting stronger every day, his ear is straightening out, and he is in the early stages of figuring out how to nurse.

In the van, we decided to call him...Born In A Ford - because he was literally born in the back of the Ford van. He is now proving to us that he is "Built Ford Tough!"

Ford has done well in the show ring.  The judges love his fleece!

Show Wins

Ford - Awards.png


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