Meet the Chickens of Eagle Eye Farm.

Our chickens are very spoiled.  There is a chicken condo for those that just need a bit of break from the others.  Their diet is nearly completely organic.  Every morning, they are given kale and several ears of corn.  In the evening, they are given a salad of kale, spinach, zucchini, and apples…. In addition to their chicken feed and scratch, they also receive extra Omega 3 supplements in their diets.  Because they have such a healthy diet and live in very clean living quarters, their eggs are exceptionally tasty. In summer 2020, we added more chickens to the flock of various breeds.  We look forward to seeing how they develop and getting to know their personalities.

Chicken Giselle.jpg


Giselle was named after Tucker’s idol’s wife – Tom Brady’s Giselle. The bird Giselle is just like the supermodel Giselle, thin and blonde. Giselle loves her salad! She has tons of character. You can tell how she is feeling by how she whips that plume on her head around. Giselle produces white eggs.

Chicken Annalise.jpg


Annalise was added during the summer of 2019.  Annalise was named after Annalise on “How to Get Away with Murder.”  When Annalise was first introduced to the coop, she made sure to let everyone know that she wasn’t one to mess with.  She has since fit in nicely with the rest of the flock.  She produces a blue egg.

Chicken Oprah.jpg


Oprah was named after the one and only Oprah Winfrey! Oprah is fantastic. She sits back and observes the others, gathering information and then takes charge when necessary – just like her namesake, she can be a boss when needed. Oprah is a consistent bird. She produces a nice bluish egg.


Lots of New Chicks!

More Info to Come!