At Eagle Eye Farm

At Eagle Eye Farm, we strive to place the safety and health of our animals first. Because of our smaller size, we are able to spend time with all of our animals on a daily basis.  


If you need help with boarding (agisting) your alpaca, we are happy to offer this service.  We will provide your animals as much attention as we do our own. 

Alpacas are agisted for many reasons. Some of these may include the fact that the owners simply do not have a property suitable for alpacas or maybe someone owns only one alpaca and since alpacas are herd animals they need to be near other alpacas, or perhaps someone wants alpacas but their lifestyle is not amenable to the daily care needed by the alpacas.  For these reasons and so many more, people agist their alpacas.

The cost of agisting includes feed (quality hay, daily feed, and pasture time in good weather) and routine husbandry (routine vaccinations and worming protocols).  Additional expenses would include livestock insurance (required), essential veterinary bills, and extra services requested (halter training). These services can be provided for additional fees to the animal owner.  


We take customer service extremely seriously.  We will be in regular communication with you about your animals. Of course, if an emergency situation were to ever arise, we would get in touch with you immediately.   


You are welcome to stop by and spend as much or as little time with your alpacas as you desire.  We simply ask that you come during agreed upon times and that you let us know when you will be on the property. 


If you would like more information on these services or would like to schedule a time to visit the farm please feel free to contact us.