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River Falls, WI

Dawn has always had an interest in alpacas.  After working in the medical field for over 30 years, she was ready to spend more time and energy devoted to her true passion – animals. Shortly after we moved from St. Louis, Missouri, to Duluth, Minnesota, Eagle Eye Farm became her mission and so our story began.

One summer, we visited an alpaca farm near Duluth.  We were both hooked.  We loved the alpacas.  We started doing research about the alpacas – what sort of shelter did they need? What were their food requirements? How much acreage would we need?  How difficult were they to take care of and maintain?  After this research, we both agreed we would get into the alpaca business.  We knew we needed more than one alpaca as these are herd animals.  So, we found what we thought would be our foundation herd.  However, as we visited more and more farms and gained more knowledge, we continued to acquire more animals.  In the span of about 6 months, we went from owning zero alpacas to owning almost twenty!  As we have learned, this is very common with alpaca farmers – you start thinking you are just going to have a few and then end up with way more than you ever anticipated.

Warning to anyone reading this: Alpacas are addictive!


With the growing number of alpacas, it became apparent that we would need to have a different property for our herd.  We moved from Duluth, Minnesota to River Falls, Wisconsin, in 2019.  We picked a former horse farm that we thought would be perfect for Agritourism.  Our goal all along was to have farm tours where we could provide an education to the public, especially children, about agriculture and alpacas.  As is also common with all farmers, we have been doing projects around our new property since we purchased it.  However, our vision is now a reality.  We offer public and private farm tours, summer camps, and alpaca yoga.


In addition to agritourism, we also show and breed our alpacas.  The alpacas are judged on their fleece and conformation.  We strive to breed and raise the highest quality of alpacas.  We have been very lucky in the show ring and hope our success continues in the future.  This is extremely fulfilling for both of us.


In addition to alpacas, we also have llamas, Kune Kune pigs, chickens, Valais Blacknose Sheep, English Angora bunnies, and miniature Highland cattle on our farm.  We pride ourselves on putting the health and safety of the animals as our first and foremost priorities.  We love all of our animals and are certain that if you come by the farm the endless attention to the animals and the property will be readily apparent.  We have enjoyed our journey so far and look forward to what the future holds… and most certainly a few more animals.

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