50% Gotland/50% Valais Blacknose.  Anika and Nora are definitely more people friendly than Stella and Surly. Nora enjoys human attention and likes when you feed her hay from your hand. She especially loves her alfalfa hay and will typically stand in the hay bin to make sure she claims it as hers! She is a sweet girl and will make an excellent mother.

DOB: 4/21/19

Color: White

Registration: 1578 VBCA CA19072-004

Sex: Ewe

Breed: 50% Valais Black Nose/50% Gotland

Sire: 1054AI VBN0624 Nolbesse Davidhof UK0292189/00008

Dam: F1378 AGSS 1954 OR147-548

Conception: AI

Number: Triplet